Official guidelines for web development

This website contains the official guidelines for web development in the public sector in Sweden. Presently the material is only available in Swedish.

The guidelines emphasize accessibility for all users regardless of disability, and primarily by following standards for accessibility, such as EN301549 and WCAG. The 50 WCAG success criteria required for level AA compliance, and a few other criteria found in Annex A of the EN standard are also presented in plain Swedish with illustrations.

A number of themes besides accessibility are covered as well, including usability, trust, performance, requirements for persistent archiving and privacy.

Except for the guidelines, the website features a ”wizard” for accessibility testing and user personas. Our target audiences include web developers, web editors and people responsible for procuring and managing digital communication systems. They are encouraged to share experiences with one another via, for example, the comment feature attached to every guideline, or our Facebook group.

The guidelines have existed in various formats since 2002. From September 2018 onwards, the Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) maintains the guidelines. Please contact for more information.